2006 Lone Star International Wine Competition


May 23 , 2006 – In our first year of operation Landon Winery placed exceptionally well in the Lone Star International Wine Competition. We were notified on May 23rd that two of our just released wines took medals. Our big, bold, full bodied Amarone Reserve received a Gold medal, while our 100% Texas Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve received a Bronze medal.

Over the course of the last twenty years, the Lone Star International Wine Competition has grown into a contest for commercial wineries from all around the world. We are proud to be recognized amongst the many world class wineries in this prestigious international competition.

This glorious Amarone made with Corvina grapes was partially fermented on the skins for 45 days before being allowed to finish the fermentation in French oak barrels. The aroma has notes of raisins, cherries and toasted oak. The wine has flavors of tobacco and fig, and goes well with game and ripe cheese. Hannibal of Silence of the Lambs fame, of course, had his with fava beans. In the movie version, they had him drinking the more pedestrian Chianti wine type. Try it with stews but because of its richness, it also goes well with cheeses, salads and antipasti. It is one of the great wines to use with light game such as wild boar, venison, pork, and antelope because despite its rich fruity flavor it has the right qualities to cut through and clean the taste of game.

While some styles of Amarone can be very bitter (that’s where the name comes from), newer styles like ours are more fruity. Our Amarone has soft tannins and alcohol of around 14%.

Amarone can be drunk young, while still a ruby purple, but they also age magnificently to a dark garnet. Amarone should be served around 60 F.

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